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Obtaining Inactive Twitter Accounts Is Coming SOON!
Thread started: 9d ago
Last post: 3d ago
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(11-26-2019, 02:38 PM)ASH Posted
yeah its insane how many people will get removed
am person
best staff
Get ya bots made!
Help Docs (Your answer is probably here)
reminder to people that you cannot claim usernames that have less than 5 characters

sadly wish i could cap a letter on my 4l twit but it doesnt allow me bc of that

otherwise good luck to everyone on it
thai#0001 (440651616186662934)
feel free to pm

cooler than @person
might attempt to snipe a few usernames but eh
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an HQ user

Discord: mirale#3538

Ten minutes, she tell me it would take ten minutes

To take my ph subscription, oh no she didn't



im looking foward to this thanks
Hello I'm Bird#6969 195_crown
i guess i am a ordinary script person
Here are some things about me

i like reviewing scripts and im a bird

i like birds 769_heart 

Exploits I own
Synapse X,  Asshurt
Will be claiming for a small fee!
Discord: Slurp#0029
I can't wait to claim
I don't mind if you give me -rep
that's my goal to get to -100  Cool
top 10 reasons why i should be moderator
I am biased
I spend hardly anytime on this server
that is why I should be moderator   Hwey
(My -rep is a joke, I'm only trying to get -reps because red is a cool color.)

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