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Official 11/3 - Bits Earnings Amount Adjustments
Thread started: 11d ago
Last post: 8d ago
Hello everyone,

I have increased the amount of Bits you earn when replying to threads, creating threads and referring new users. You can view the updated adjustments by clicking here or the "Bits" text in the menu

This will be a permanent change until further notice. I believe the Bits market should be more alive, and I think this would be a great start

*Previously, you would earn only 1 Bits per reply and 2 per thread
  blood, Crybo
Nice, now I can coinflip some more back 0 bits. Happywide
  Crybo, YB
(11-03-2019, 01:38 PM)blood Posted Nice, now I can coinflip some more back 0 bits. Happywide
I agree now I can flip more  89_clap
  blood, YB
This is awesome i like this
  Crybo, weed
hot now i dont have to farm as hard
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