Site Announcements:

Rules & Guidelines

These are the official PH4NTOM Rules & Guidelines. All rules must be followed.

-Do not LQ post. Show some quality with your posts.
-Scamming or any attempts to scam other members is strictly prohibited.
-Do not abuse any features on our website. This includes our trader system, Bits, reputation, etc.
-Bullying or harassment of other users is prohibited.
-Posting any virus/thread links will result in immediate account suspension.
-No threats or attacks towards onsite members. We're all a community.
-Do not impersonate any staff or the administrators of the website.
-Do not share your account details with friends, partners, etc. This is NOT allowed.
-Do not cross-post.
-Post in the proper marketplace section.
-No posting any adult content.
-Any fake or unfinished giveaways will result in an account suspension.
-You are allowed one account. Do not make multiple accounts to ban evade or to simply "have another account".
-Do not spam or abuse our posting system.
-Do not advertise other websites/forums.
-Any illegal activity is not tolerated on PH4NTOM. This will result in an immediate account suspension.
-Do not attempt to phish any members onsite for any information.
-Do not ask for reputation or trader feedback. You will lose all feedback, and may receive account suspension.
-Do not post personal information of any member.
-Do not ask for loans.
-Do not ask for staff/middleman positions.
-Do not bump older threads.
-Spamming promotions is not allowed.