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Trader System

What is the Reputation system?
The reputation system is a number-based count displayed on every forum profile in either green (positive-reputation) or red (negative-reputation). It's important to note that the reputation system is not to be used as an indication of whether or not a member is trustworthy or not, rather, a system of tenure and likeability. Although, members will use it for both situations.

Giving and receiving reputation is easy, but dependant on upgrades and forum status. The higher upgrade or forum role, the more reputation points you can give.

What is the Trader System?

The trader system for PH4NTOM is based purely on successful deals between a seller and a buyer. This can help prove legitimacy and safety towards most deals. 

Positive Feedback is based upon successful deals and will require a valid thread link, description, and overall rating of what went down. You can get a better understanding of the user you are dealing with by reviewing their feedback. Remember, we make no claims to whether or not a user is legitimate or trustworthy, Feedback is designed to give you more clear understanding of a users past deals. Always use an official PH4NTOM middleman for 100% guaranteed safety in a deal.