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  • 10:53 PM  12-10-2019     0 posts

    Namesnipes Shop

    All or most are vulgar, but all for BTC. Free to negotiate.
    Price: 10-15 = Can be searched on Roblox Players with the full name.
    Price: 20-30 = Full name being searched on Roblox Players is hashtagged.

    Name: MyC**kIsB**
    Hint: my cock is big
    Price: $12

    Name: Ni**erSuccinC**
    Hint: n word sucking cock
    Price: $20

    Name: communist_ni**g**
    Hint: Communist n word
    Price: $30

    Name: capitalist_bi***ch
    Hint: Capitalist bitch
    Price: $25

    Name: GoHellPlease
    Hint: N/A
    Price: $5

    Name: PleaseGoHangNeck
    Hint: N/A
    Price: $9

    Name: CheapCr**k
    Hint: cheap crack
    Price: $6

    Name: MyR**IsH***
    Hint: my rod is hard
    Price: $22

    Name: Diarahhea
    Hint: N/A
    Price: $5

    This is all i'm selling, DM Mad#5588 if you are interested in buying/negotiating for any of them.

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  • 10:41 PM  12-10-2019     0 posts

    Rare Namesnipe

    Hi, Im selling a 2019 year made namesnipe. Looking for BTC, highest bidder gets it.
    Hint: bitch
    Name: Bi**tch
    Min. Price: $50? Reason: This word is now filtered by Roblox, and is more or less impossible to search up in Players.
    Only BTC.

    - Roblox Namesnipes -

  • 10:33 PM  12-10-2019     1 posts

    2007 Namesnipe

    Hi, Im selling a 2007 year made namesnipe. Looking for BTC, highest bidder gets it.
    Hint: place in japan **ak*
    Min. Price: $20?
    Only BTC.

    Oh, yes. My discord: Mad#5588

    Edit 2: This account has a Red Moku in One Piece: Open Seas. Take this as a freebie, I guess?

    - Roblox Namesnipes -

  • 10:31 PM  12-10-2019     44 posts

    RE: Christmas award farm thread

    (12-01-2019, 07:11 PM)nico Posted ok so like i wanna make this thread before anyone else does because why not

    fudge, so like to start this off how was your day?
    pretty tired but eh?

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  • 10:24 PM  12-10-2019     7 posts

    RE: [GUIDE]How to develop a secure white...

    (12-09-2019, 01:55 AM)a6d Posted ok lol funny bc this is my guide from v
    whats even funnier is that i wrote everything on my own, nice try

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