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  • 02:15 PM  12-02-2019     90 posts

    RE: Jailbreak Autofarm (OP)


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  • 02:11 PM  12-02-2019     136 posts

    RE: FE | Ultimate Build F*cker | Destroy...

    test and vouch if works

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  • 07:40 AM  11-18-2019     1 posts

    (REQ) FPS Scripts

    Just a small request, I've been trying to get into LUA scripting for quite some time now and not sure of how to make "exploit" scripts. I know some very basic roblox lua and own Synapse X (with a working RemoteSpy). Has anyone got any type of video or text based guide to start scripting? The main games I want to make scripts for is FPS games like Arsenal and Counter Blox for my script hub on my exploit. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


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  • 09:22 AM  09-05-2019     12 posts

    RE: AutisticWare | DEX | getrawmetatable...

    (09-05-2019, 06:34 AM)jamie Posted LOL you made an exploit and you didn't dev anyone but pay for THE devs. get out

    Also use this kids shitty exploit you probably will crash with dex somehow XD
    Didn't pay anything since me and the dev are working on this together, and yeah try it. you wont crash. If you gon hate just gtfo ain't gonna waste my time on you lmao

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  • 05:22 AM  09-05-2019     12 posts

    RE: AutisticWare | DEX | getrawmetatable...

    (09-04-2019, 12:19 PM)jamie Posted Yea pasted stuff? you probably don't understand how instance caching works xD. Plus never trust a guy who has i and YT in his username.........
    Take that up with my dev then  Joy

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