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  • 08:49 PM  10-22-2019     0 posts

    firetouchinterest but it actually does s...

    to be clear dont you heccin dare use this on parts with physics

    basically for you scripter folk who like firing touch interests without the pain of yknow the function being completely broken

    Copy and paste into code from wherever you stashed it
    Enjoy being able to fire touchinterests
    Documentation (pretty much the same as the original): firetouchinterest(TouchTransmitter)
    will throw errors if you fuck up

    firetouchinterest = function(touch)
    	local part = touch.Parent
    	if touch:IsA("TouchTransmitter") and part:IsA("Part") or part:IsA("Union") or part:IsA("MeshPart") then 
    		local character = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Character
    		if character then 
    					local prev = part.CFrame
    					local collide = part.CanCollide
    					local vis = part.Transparency
    					part.CanCollide = false
    					part.Transparency = 1
    					part.CFrame = character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame
    					part.CFrame = prev 
    					part.CanCollide = collide
    					part.Transparency = vis
    			error("Character not found")
    		error("Touch Interest not found")

    plz dont be rude and reply/report working when you try it out

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  • 11:57 AM  10-08-2019     6 posts

    RE: Synapse X custom functions

    (07-09-2019, 12:38 PM)jamie Posted Quick question for synapse users, Does Synapse X use setclipboard(string) in their API? if you have the synapse functions list can you please send it to me, I'm working on a script.
    I'm not sure that Synapse X works with that specific function but I do know there is a synapse-specific clipboard function. To be honest I don't remember the name but it is in the autocomplete of the built-in editor so just start typing in "clipboard" and it will pop up.

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  • 11:55 AM  10-08-2019     4 posts

    RE: Just bought synapse x.. question

    (08-30-2019, 07:00 AM)Roostr Posted So I just bought synapse x and I’m wondering if u guys use the scripts on ur main account or an alt? What happens if it gets banned ?

    Sorry for the noob question lol
    Synapse X is usually undetectable unlike many free exploits, but there is always the chance Roblox sneaks something in the Synapse X devs don't catch for a while. For this reason I only recommend exploiting on public servers on your alt. It is entirely possible for you to exploit on your main in private servers, but proceed with caution and at your own risk.

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  • 01:11 AM  10-04-2019     62 posts

    Bee Swarm Simulator Autofarm [BETA]

    so ye rn it autofarms honey, but im planning on adding auto-buy and better teleportation in the field thing (lmk if I overlooked something I literally just started playing the game like a half hour ago)

    Join Game:
    Press F to toggle

    decided to do loadstring for auto updating (since I will probably update it)

    --[[ by exxtremestuffs]] loadstring(game:HttpGetAsync(""))()
    fyi this is 100% mine so give credit you literal piece of ravioli

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  • 04:31 PM  09-28-2019     67 posts

    Saber Simulator Autofarm V2

    basically the devs were salty and patched the previous one
    not too big a deal, basically it makes you hold the lightsaber now but the coin grabber is a little more janky so it's now disabled by default

    Join le game:
    Press F to toggle (on by default)
    Press the red square in the bottom left next to the active indicator to enable coin grabbing (it's very obvious you're exploiting tho)

    hidden now because nobody bumped the previous non hidden one at all so it died a horrible death
    lmk if link has a stroke and ill repost
    plz at least consider reporting as working/not working I do need the feedback to you know, update the script when it's patched

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