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  • 04:09 PM  09-10-2019     6 posts

    RE: Selling High Level Strucid Accounts

    Damn I was really hoping I would have a few buyers by now :|

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  • 02:59 PM  09-08-2019     3 posts

    RE: Roblox Replica

    (09-04-2019, 09:52 PM)Ace Posted this is in no way a roblox exploit, or remotely related to roblox.
    Ok, you absolute fucking idiot, this is the lounge, where you don't have to talk about roblox fucking exploits. Ya skid.

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  • 02:56 PM  09-08-2019     11 posts

    RE: What was the First Game you ever pla...

    One word: Minecraft

    I wasn't that big into gaming until 2010

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  • 02:54 PM  09-08-2019     27 posts

    RE: Game Recommendations

    Terraria. It's just the god of games. I love it. It's so straightforward yet somehow has so much replay ability. Another one is Superhot. Damn that game is good. A few others: Tube Tycoon, Just Shapes and Beats, Stick Fight: The Game

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  • 02:47 PM  09-08-2019     6 posts

    Selling High Level Strucid Accounts

    Hey! Yeah I'm selling up to level 100 strucid accounts for 5$ but you can tell me if you want a specific level (if it's more than 100 you have to pay an extra 5$)

    Notes: It has to be through paypal, and delivery could take a day or two since I have to level up the account. (I level them up fast)
    Dm me if u want to buy one, my discord is Meme Man#1975

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Hey! I'm getting better at lua and I'm also interested in graphic design! I want to be able to make scripts for popular games but sadly I'm not that skilled.

Exploits I own: Synapse X, Synapse X, oh and of course Synapse X

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