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  • 02:12 AM  11-05-2019     45 posts

    RE: ⭐ Ninja Legends ⭐ | #1 GUI | Pet Gli...

    (11-03-2019, 08:14 PM)Jxnt Posted [align=center]Ninja Legends
    #1 GUI?

    Click Here to Join my Discord!
    (For exclusive updates)

    [Image: 0044b5af125c33a7346de5273aeb4c15.pnghttp:]

    Not all these scripts are by me
    This is just an upgraded version of the script released by Gerard
    I made this because its unbelievable they are selling some of the scripts in here for 5 bucks
    (btw i fixed 3 of their scripts in here so your welcome)
    dm me on Discord for bug/error report or join my Discord!

    |How To Pet Glitch|
    First, execute the script,
    Then, buy a completly new pet,
    Now, equip it and click "Pet Glitch" in Misc
    Wait till it reaches near level 3 (Unless its black rarity then its level 1)
    and then it should be glitched. Stats will go up but not level!
    (Fastest Pet Glitch)

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    bla bla bla :V

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  • 09:01 PM  10-25-2019     87 posts

    RE: ⚡ Ninja Legends GUI [Wally's Lib] [U...

    (10-25-2019, 06:56 PM)clumseyboy14 Posted I've been trying to figure out Wally's Lib for the past, long time (4h?)
    I've finally done this script for

    Here's the script:

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    Plans for tomorrow:
    I will be pushing out a few big updates tomorrow for this if everything goes to plan.

    -Collect Coins, Hoops, Ying yang's
    -Fix Farm Boss breaking after the boss is killed breaking the entire script,
    -Add auto rank
    -Upgrade to wally's Lib v2
    -Idk anything else suggested (maybe)


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  • 07:37 AM  10-21-2019     6 posts

    RE: Ninja Training Simulator GUI | Auto-...

    (10-20-2019, 04:22 PM)Jazzy Posted [Image: DPi3D6.png]
    A gui for Ninja Training Simulator that has cool stuff.

    Features Include:
    • Farm Coins
    • Go to Safe Zone
    • Sell
    • Go to Shop
    • Go to Gem Shop

    Script: [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]

    Video on it:

    Game Link:!/about

    Credits Include:
    • robloxgamergamer
    • TheGuyDownstairs
    • ME!?
    gg not leach or u gay!

    bla bla bla lol

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  • 09:00 PM  10-11-2019     47 posts

    RE: Magnet Simulator GUI by Apple!

    (10-11-2019, 04:56 PM)Guppy Posted
    Hey Skiddies, Apple here!
    So Basically, I've been seeing these Magnet Simulator GUIs and decided to make one myself
    This is probably one of the fastest autofarms out right now (Not as efficient if you don't have a backpack that can hold more than 100b)
    Please leave me suggestions on what I should add next on this gui and I will try my best to make it happen.

    [Image: CQaDRSf.png]
    In action
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  • 06:14 AM  10-02-2019     29 posts

    RE: Hammer Simulator AutoFarm, Etc

    (09-30-2019, 05:10 PM)AnimeGirl Posted Hammer Simulator GUI
    [*]Auto Grab Coins
    [*]Auto Farm
    [*]Auto Upgrade (only weapon)

    [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]
    Game Link
    Created by: Pnyx


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