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    RE: FE | Ultimate Build F*cker | Destroy...

    (08-12-2019, 07:45 PM)Jazzy Posted
    This gui is for Ultimate Build, and it has many cool features to it.

    For one thing, you can morph isnto any image from the Roblox website. If you don't know how to find images, insert any decal in studio and then replace the ID with the decal you want, and it will convert it to an image.

    This also includes FE music, so you can play any music you want, and you can even change the pitch. This is included in Part 2 of the gui.
    The features go on, and you can even destroy every part in the game (doesn't include locked parts or the game parts, just the inserted ones from players). You can also undo it if you think it's a little bit mean.

    And one final thing I want to say, change String on the 2nd page to what the button acquires to. So if you're pressing the music button, you'd change String to the ID. If you want to change your head size, you'd once again change String to the size. Hope this helps.

    The features go on, so enjoy using this gui. I obfuscated this so it can't be patched by the devs of the game.
    [align=center][size=large]SCRIPT Link: [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]
    good bro

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  • 06:13 AM  09-27-2019


    thx bro+

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    (09-01-2019, 04:15 PM)Sen Posted [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]

    Credits to scuba kermit for making this HOT script.

    This version of the yeet GUI has more fling options, the new options are more OP than the last time in my last post.

    The script is OP, and is fun to use.
    THx bro

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  • 03:17 AM  09-17-2019

    RE: Mad-Lads AR v2 | Mad City Auto-Rob |...

    (08-12-2019, 08:48 PM)Jxnt Posted
    Welcome to Mad-Lads AR v2
    The Best Mad City Auto-Rob
    2. The GUI creates Notepad File called MadCityAutoRob for Settings
    3. Any Settings you changed require the script to be re-executed to save/work
    4. This is the second version of Mad-Lads AR
    5. Recommended to use the Man Torso and other Man body things
    6. The GUI disables all Lasers before starting to rob
    7. This works on Proto/Synapse
    8. Tested for 4+ Hours
    9. Set Laser = false if its the second execution in the same game
    |Updates from v1|
    New Jewel Store Rob Added
    Fixed Stuck in Water
    New Noclip
    Fixed Bank sometimes not working
    Fixed Pyramid sometimes not working
    [Image: 9d9e2777ab0b5e14c3a72f2e28c74e9f.gif]
    (Credits are REQUIRED on EVERY Video)
    (Please read everything on this thread before using)
    [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]
    Vouch if you used [Image: biggrin.png]
    (The same thread but on different sites)

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  • 06:31 AM  09-16-2019

    RE: Infinite Yield Serverside LEAK (very...

    (09-14-2019, 06:11 PM)XsanityVx Posted Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.
    [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]

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  • 06:09 AM  09-16-2019

    RE: (Demon Slayer) Hide Name // Never Lo...

    (09-01-2019, 09:33 AM)RobloxPain666 Posted This was made by a friend of mine all credit goes to him
    Reply To The Thread To Unlock The Script
    [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]
    kawai yarez

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  • 05:40 AM  09-16-2019

    RE: HxH : Lost Souls | Stats AutoFarm

    (09-15-2019, 12:58 AM)Naruto Posted Hey, I saw Megumu's script for this game earlier and when I used it I got kicked since It's apparently patched. This version works, it isn't the fastest and I only made it in a couple of minutes because I've never played this game before and it kind of sucks. It will Auto give you EXP for your Strength and Aura Stats. Sometimes it doesn't work on Aura, I couldn't be bothered making a big GUI that had toggles for the Farms on each stat because I don't even play or like this game at all but I wanted to at least contribute something. You can get up to level 50 in about a minute depending if it is also farming Aura since your level is based on both of your Strength and Aura levels combined. Also sometimes depending on your internet it works faster. Not obfuscating because I don't care about this game or the script that much, I'm just extremely bored and tired.

    YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE TEXT THAT SAYS 'Username' TO YOUR USERNAME OTHERWISE THE SCRIPT WILL NOT WORK. [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide][/color][/color]

    [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]
    PREVIEW(This doesn't show the Aura stat increasing but sometimes it does work. IT IS ALSO USUALLY FASTER THAN THIS, SOMETIMES IT TAKES 10 SECONDS OR SO TO SPEED UP.)

    Sorry if I made any spelling errors or messed up the Thread, I'm very tired at the moment.

    Have a good day! 80_smile_cat
    Thx bro

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