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  • 04:32 AM  09-27-2019

    RE: Astral:Hearts | AutoFarm

    sounds epic imma try this out

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  • 08:41 PM  09-26-2019

    RE: SwordBurst 2 Underground AutoFarm GU...

    (09-26-2019, 02:41 PM)Slyxst Posted This script makes me feel owo!

    The game instantly crashes when I press the on button this didn't happen with the other version at all and it keeps happening on this one and i've been triyng for over an hour so i don't feel happy anymore sad-2

    I assume your executor is weak/ unstable to run my script.
    I will change the script as soon as SynapseXen obfuscator is back up.

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  • 08:06 AM  09-26-2019

    RE: SwordBurst 2 Underground AutoFarm GU...

    Updated! Sorry for the inconvenience and the hide feature sad-2

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  • 04:56 AM  09-07-2019

    RE: SwordBurst 2 Fast Attack/No Cooldown...

    (09-07-2019, 04:42 AM)MadRobloxGuy2017 Posted good luck trying to get one for free then :/
    There were some that were released but they are patched
    Fast Attack would just kill your character in the instant the game detects that you're attacking super fast, it's why those super fast autofarm that was present during 2018 and could kill F9 F10 Bosses in like 10s, died.
    Inf Stamina works Visually only(what I mean is that the stamina bar is always full however when you spam skill, skills after the 3rd (or 2nd for Infinity Slash) one won't deal damage.)

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  • 11:09 PM  09-06-2019

    RE: Best Free Exploit

    Good free exploits imo are Skisploit, Haxon, Confiscation, Yoink, Trigon, Cocaine(or Phoenix, dunno)
    Some/All are posted on WRD but afaik they don't use WRD API
    Besides, real talk, WRD is getting better imo.

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  • 06:09 PM  09-06-2019

    RE: SwordBurst 2 Underground AutoFarm GU...

    What's your exec?
    It should work as I used it as an example in the video.

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  • 12:14 AM  09-05-2019

    RE: SwordBurst 2 AutoFarm GUI

    Thanks for replying happy-5
    The hide feature certainly looks fun to use for replies lol.

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  • 07:07 AM  09-04-2019

    SwordBurst 2 Underground AutoFarm GUI [U...

    *October 5, 2019 - I have uploaded the Xen version of the script which should have less crashes, script is the same as the old loadstring.

    Good day!
    I present to you an AutoFarm GUI for SwordBurst 2

    Features :
    • Toggleable farm
    • Underground
    • Boss and Mini-Boss only option
    • Anti-Afk
    Boss and Mini-Boss only option also has a neat little thing where it loads the area of the boss or mini-boss in case there is no one in the server.

    To fully AFK farm, just do the click and hold, escape, release glitch thing (dunno if this is clearly seen in the video but instead of using escape, I hovered my mouse to the top bar then releasing it).

    It won't farm these mobs due to them breaking when enlarging their hitbox
    • Patrolman Elite
    • Wattlechin Crocodile
    • Girdled lizard
    • Giant Centipede
    You may inform me if there are more mobs that are broken (you can determine by you hitting it constantly but it is not taking any damage.)

    Tested on Synapse X.
    Should work on most exploits that can execute Xen.

    Old Showcase Video:

    Script :

    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler
    Thank you for reading happy-5

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