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[OFFICIAL] 8/9 Update / New Awards // Theme Updates
Hello everyone. This will be about a few updates on the website so far, and what is left to come. I was going to wait until 100% completion for an update, but I think it is soon enough as we are almost done with all our changes major theme and website changes for the time being

Changing your theme color will automatically update all new settings

New Changes 8/13:
  • New hover over username layout.
  • Website speed & performance issues have been handled
  • Fixed responsive theme
  • Added postbit cover (For VIP and + ranks)
  • New userbars have been added
  • Added back our Cracking & Dumps section (this may be temporary)
  • Other misc fixes
New changes:
  • Hovering over a username will now popup with some "on-the-go" statistics about the user (Planned to make a more clear and well-formatted design soon. Expect some bugs as well)
  • Added Social Media Services section to the marketplace
  • Trader Feedback postbit has been updated
  • Improved overall postbit
  • News information, BTC Price, and ETH price will cycle through in the sticky header bar
  • Added more awards (obtainable via posting and creating hot topics)
  • Added Scripter award which will be given to valuable scripters in our community
  • Lucky Awards are now available. Obtain these awards simply by posting, and a little bit of luck! (this will receive its own thread shortly) 
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  • Added more forum colors
  • Valid/Invalid deal disputes sections have been added
  • Autofill deal disputes have been added
  • New upgrade page along with automatic upgrades to your desired rank
  • Ban reason is public on a banned users profile
  • A few misc bug fixes and speed improvements
As always, I will keep updating you all with new changes that come across the forum and I am always open to hearing suggestions left on the forum and adding them.
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Looking like a good update, can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!
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It looks like u did a big update here! Its awesome thanks :)
Roblox scripts not coded by me but are working when I post!
Good stuff, glad to see some of this implemented
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Now this is a good update. Thanks @YB
awesome hope it turns out good
Lets see the new update rn! oh wait its not rn nvm
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(08-10-2019, 06:13 PM)fifa Wrote: awesome hope it turns out good

(08-10-2019, 06:15 PM)Pulse Wrote: Lets see the new update rn! oh wait its not rn nvm

All updates have already been pushed and are live on the site.

The only things that aren't added are in the Upcoming Changes list
Help Docs (Your answer is probably here)
Now thats what im talking about
scr1pt Consumer Like no other.
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wut that was fast

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