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Group Divine
Thread started: 3mos ago
Last post: 9d ago
Second best group
First best group
yes send me invite i want in on DOPE(AMINE)
nolife expert gui scripter
Address: 0x88c0740cca3e5dba07b16ebc3b81c2a8301ab2df
Has a working decal bypass method as of 20/6/19
It could be a modslip tho
Remember, always use a VPN and a old account, to modslip.
Shitpost gang gang!
The themes I make are cool, okay?
Userbar makes me horny

$100 buy in message me for my addy!!!!!!
I wish....

                                                    Roblox id - 174780860[url=][/url]
that banner thingy is hot
oh shit that's a pretty nice banner
I don't mind if you give me -rep
that's my goal to get to -100  Cool
top 10 reasons why i should be moderator
I am biased
I spend hardly anytime on this server
that is why I should be moderator   Hwey
(My -rep is a joke, I'm only trying to get -reps because red is a cool color.)
interesting lol
Hello I'm Bird#6969 195_crown
i guess i am a ordinary script person
Here are some things about me

i like reviewing scripts and im a bird

i like birds 769_heart 

Exploits I own
Synapse X,  Asshurt

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