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Admin Claim Daily Bits by Posting
Thread started: 24d ago
Last post: 14d ago
Claim Rewards

You can now claim Bits every day by posting and creating threads. Earning Bits has been quite a struggle, but not anymore! By visiting our Daily Rewards page, you can view a list of ways to claim free Bits every day.

To claim your daily rewards, click the "Claim" button to the right and you will automatically be granted your reward(s). You can only claim these awards once per day.

Which sections is this enabled on?
The only sections this does not apply to and is disabled on is the Trollfest section and Roblox Scripts section

What can you do with Bits?
By obtaining Bits, you can purchase some cool features for your profile. These features include items, awards, upgrades, and much more which makes your stay at PH4NTOM a lot more exciting. Some members choose to gamble their Bits away, but some choose to spend it wisely. What do you pick?

All posts are heavily moderated by the Staff team. Any sort of Spamming or LQ Posting will get warned or further possible posting and/or account suspension
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  blood, Durk
That's awesome haha
Yay! That's awesome!

apparently I'm poor and can't afford synapse x

exploits I own: proxo (free)
also, I want to commit the die
my discord: dog#0972
me like dem doggos
this is fire Fire
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Hmmm. I'm gonna look more into these Bits. Thanks for the announcement, @YB!

Just claimed my 10 threads daily reward. Thanks Smile
This is actually very nice, good addition to the forum as it's still flourishing.
[align=center]Help Thread

ur cute

Time to farm for free shit
Thanks for the cool feature Huey!
[Image: btujcq4vmcjy.jpg]
bro im finna be bit farming out here
[Image: 4lkm4vA.gif]

an HQ user

Discord: mirale#3538

Ten minutes, she tell me it would take ten minutes

To take my ph subscription, oh no she didn't



This is fucking fire! I'm gonna be grinding my ass off later Happywide

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