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Yesterday, 01:13 PM

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2 Hours, 1 Minute, 11 Seconds

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UID: 49
  • 01:34 PM  10-08-2019

    RE: Universe

    Nigga it’s my universe. I own you

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  • 12:09 PM  09-22-2019

    RE: La Familia

    La Cosa Nostra

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  • 04:43 PM  09-14-2019

    RE: Hi

    My nigga Dale on foe nem

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  • 01:12 PM  08-03-2019

    RE: Will's tag shop

    (08-03-2019, 10:31 AM)WiII Posted Ive never been scammed in my life faggot your alias is slurp dumb street niggers are a buncha dumbassses
    You have never scammed in your life LMAOOOO. TB when you tried to fake mm me for seen and completely failed. You’re too dumb to beam that’s why you only hit small licks Irish boy. Go blow Saw Mellie ain’t cutting it

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  • 03:02 AM  08-03-2019

    RE: Will's tag shop

    (08-03-2019, 12:29 AM)WiII Posted You put threat up for 2.5k it aint even worth 1k ide kill you if were stuck in a room ide make you kill yourself snake is one of sus aliasas makes sense your in ysn you know nothing random
    Threat sold for 3k last year. You wouldn’t kill shit you’re like 13 stop acting hard on the internet on your droid. Beep bop.  You will never touch a high tier even your own boy beamed you. You seem
    To know a lot but don’t own anything you’re an outsider looking in and fanboying people who have done shit in this comm.

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  • 12:22 AM  08-03-2019

    RE: Will's tag shop

    Lol. Suspects alias is Suspect you dumb Irish fuck. I own Scared, Threat and my fucking alias. You’ve only sat on A shitty exploit of a nigga that got the shit kicked out of him. You sell low tier dupes and 3 chars you piss poor scammer. I think the potato’s need to be picked.

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  • 05:09 PM  06-15-2019

    Dw I’m here

    Hi I’m Slurp. Nobody knows me I’m from a different forum and different community. I signed up to support heart and scythe. If you ever need an og username hit me up on discord Slurp#7487 shoutout to my username niggas @Heart @Scythe

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Disc: Slurp#7487