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10-11-2019, 07:08 PM

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  • 04:23 AM  10-08-2019

    Mythicc Executor and Hub

    this is epic, has your daily exploiting dose :>
    [+] - executor
    [+] - game tps if u wanna go to another game :> (must use hub.)
    [+] - large amount of scripts that are organized :>
    [-] - some are not working since am 2 lazy to update

    _G.Keybind = Enum.KeyCode.F6
    --Main Script:
    yes i have cheap domain :<
    any bugs such as keybind doesnt work just dm me Bytecodex#2687 <@250565709090914305>
    - end of thread -

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  • 01:42 AM  09-27-2019


    epic gamer that has epic gamer scripts happy-2

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  • 01:39 AM  09-27-2019


    megumu is best contributor uwu

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  • 01:08 AM  09-19-2019

    RE: Release | Wizard Simulator | Money A...

    (08-20-2019, 08:02 AM)person Posted
    ok so there are a lot of wizard simulators so i found this one and decided to make a money autofarm for it
    you can get like $10k in a couple of minutes pretty good
    [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]
    best girl script, will use later

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  • 12:51 AM  09-19-2019

    RE: Mad-Lads AR v2 | Mad City Auto-Rob |...

    (08-12-2019, 08:48 PM)Jxnt Posted
    Welcome to Mad-Lads AR v2
    The Best Mad City Auto-Rob
    2. The GUI creates Notepad File called MadCityAutoRob for Settings
    3. Any Settings you changed require the script to be re-executed to save/work
    4. This is the second version of Mad-Lads AR
    5. Recommended to use the Man Torso and other Man body things
    6. The GUI disables all Lasers before starting to rob
    7. This works on Proto/Synapse
    8. Tested for 4+ Hours
    9. Set Laser = false if its the second execution in the same game
    |Updates from v1|
    New Jewel Store Rob Added
    Fixed Stuck in Water
    New Noclip
    Fixed Bank sometimes not working
    Fixed Pyramid sometimes not working
    [Image: 9d9e2777ab0b5e14c3a72f2e28c74e9f.gif]
    (Credits are REQUIRED on EVERY Video)
    (Please read everything on this thread before using)
    [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]
    Vouch if you used [Image: biggrin.png]
    (The same thread but on different sites)
    nice release, could use this often happy-2

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  • 12:49 AM  09-19-2019

    RE: Be A Parkour Ninja SCRIPT HACK (No c...

    (08-11-2019, 06:00 PM)Jazzy Posted Hello, this is script for Be A Parkour Ninja.Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.

    What it does is it makes every tool have no cooldown at all, and it hacks your movement a bit, so that you can infinitely double jump and infinitely do the dash movement, plus I spoofed the walkspeed so it always thinks you have 37 speed, so you can change your walkspeed, well that's if I did it right, this is my first time using __index, so please tell me if I have done something wrong.Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.
    It's pretty simple to use, once you have spawned in, press T while you're not holding anything and you're good to go.Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.
    Anyway, here's the loadstring (it's open-source if you want to see the code):[hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]
    Have fun!  :grin:

    nice release owo

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  • 09:43 PM  08-15-2019
  • 09:42 PM  08-15-2019

    RE: Danmachi: New Era Online | Inf Valis...

    (08-11-2019, 03:29 PM)Megumu Posted Requested by some users in my Discord server

    Gyazo GIF
    Game Link

    [hide]Content is hidden! Please check original post to view it.[/hide]
    hi vouch desu.

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  • 11:09 PM  08-14-2019

    hi there

    im here because im from v3rmillion and novo, i just wanna say hi
    if u have a spare dollar or anything.
    see ya.

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  • 10:46 PM  08-14-2019

    RE: 5K Groups With Games [NO OWNERS]

    (08-14-2019, 04:23 PM)cyyrus Posted

    Hi I'm Ur Local Leech wink-1

    Anyways, This Notepad Contains Roblox Groups That Have No Onwer

    There's 5K Games in here and Some Have Visits Around 1K, 5K, 10K, 50K,

    Make Sure To Vouch <3
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    .txt file

    nice release bruv. :33

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