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  • 01:47 PM  02-13-2020     4 posts

    Cvp: CMD-X | Admin GUI

    Awesome release man.

    - Roblox Scripts -

  • 09:15 AM  02-09-2020     12 posts

    Cvp: Fuck Women

    The right girl will come along side you but until that day have respect, your language is sexist and just doesn’t come across as from a guy with a top tier personality.

    - Lounge -

  • 08:49 AM  02-09-2020     3 posts

    I’m Back

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for my recent inactivity I had a few issues I had to deal with but now those are done and I am back. It’s nice to see the forum is still going nicely.

    - Introductions -

  • 06:24 PM  02-08-2020     0 posts

    Form submission: Mentor Application

    Are you currently or have you moderated other sites? If yes, what sites?: Yes, I have owned multiple MyBB forums, I was an admin on (the original), I was a global moderator on TheTechGame. I have been a moderator on over I’d say 20 forums in my time.

    What is your age?: 20

    Why do you want to be Mentor and what makes you qualified?: I’d like to contribute to this budding community, pass my experience on to others and help the community grow far and wide. I am qualified for this role in the community due to my experience and my kind nature, I like to approach issues with a firm but fair attitude and treat each and everyone with respect.

    How active can you be?: I can be active for upto 8 hours per day, on weekends I can be active for over 12 hours.

    Have you ever had a scam accusation made against you? Explain.: No I haven’t.

    What do you do if a user is caught LQ Posting for the first time?: Talk to them nicely

    Where can you find the Help Documents?:

    What do you do if a user is using defensive language?: Ban them

    Discord: zTxMerciless#9093

    Additional Information: I’d like to explain further about the above. For LQ posting I would talk to them in a respectable manner and explain to them why on Ph4ntom we must maintain high quality content. For the abusive language I would instantly suspend that user from the forums, that behaviour personally I find that language such as the displayed above shouldn’t be tolerated by any forum.

    - Mentor Applications -

  • 08:26 AM  10-04-2019     8 posts

    RE: My feedback on Ph4ntom.

    @jamie there's really no need to bash my opinions at all.

    - Feedback -

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