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  • 12:04 AM  Today     2 posts

    RE: BandiCam Cracked.

    (4 hours ago)lightningb Posted k this prob is good
    atleast like the post if ur gonne unlock it.

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  • 12:33 PM  Yesterday     241 posts

    RE: FARM FOR 'Legendary Sword' and 'Acti...

    So how everyone doing? lol

    I doubt this actually does anything.

    Lol even posts are turned off

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  • 12:30 PM  Yesterday     241 posts

    RE: FARM FOR 'Legendary Sword' and 'Acti...

    can this be considered a farm awards prob turned off on this thread lmao

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  • 12:19 PM  Yesterday     2 posts

    BandiCam Cracked.

    Bandicam is a screen recorder but the free version is laggy and has a watermark this premium version doesn't.
    How to install:
    Step 1 Install Bandicam Make Sure You Turn Off Your Antivirus Software.

    Step 2 After Installation Go To Crack File And Copy *Keymaker And Past Into Your Bandicam
                      installation Folder.
    Step 3 Right Click On Keymaker And Run As Administrator Type Any Gmail Id And Click on Register

    Now ur done just start up the software and u can go ahead and record stuff
    For the people who need a video tutorial cus they cant read:


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  • 12:05 PM  Yesterday     5 posts

    RE: quickselling some robloxs

    I mean I cant pay ya but ill gladly take them off ur hands :t

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