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  • 09:00 AM  02-09-2020     0 posts

    Ilum 2 Ragnarok Acc {Worth 40k R$} w/ le...

    I'm Selling an Ilum 2 account with a Ragnarok Saber worth 40K R$,
    Plus the account is level 1.5k-ish or more in Ro-Ghoul,

    It's High Levels on other games too that I lost track of,

    If Interested DM me in DISCORD : ᴺᵉᶻᵘѕαι∂#5343

    Can be payed by Group Funds, I'll be trying to setup my ]PayPal later on.

    This is my First Time trading on Ph4ntom, so please Understand if I don't know
    how things work here.

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  • 01:18 PM  01-03-2020     8 posts

    RE: Cvp: Anyone can copy maps w/ script ...

    (01-02-2020, 05:57 PM)Forsaken Posted I Just joined the Forum and saw your post. I copied the maps and put them on Mega. When you click Run/Start it wont spawn your character and I didn't have time to fix that, so I leave that to you to figure out. Have fun! Smile

    The Dawn :!H35QSKh...EMrv7ii-Uc

    HOKKAIDO RESORT :!3jhEBa6...ttkYrnQkJ4

    I tested them and they work, it loads up fine and everything. Some things on Roblox will copy but wont launch in Studio, but these will.

    I'm sorry to ask this but can you please do this one with scripts cause I wanna see how they do the lightnings on the game I'm very sorry.

    Game :!/about

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  • 12:10 PM  01-03-2020     4 posts

    Cvp: Flame SS Source // was leaked yeste...

    How do you use this?

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  • 10:27 AM  01-03-2020     1 posts

    Cvp: Sunset City Money Script

    Ill teach instructions :
    1.) execute this script
    local A_1 = "Lime Ottoman"
    local A_2 = -1000000000
    local Event = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Remotes.Functions.PurchaseFurniture
    Event:InvokeServer(A_1, A_2)

    2.) Go to Phone then house then buy Slum house.

    3.) Enjoy!


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  • 09:39 AM  01-03-2020     0 posts

    Crystallised Decay [ALPHA] / Steven Univ...

    Sorry if I keep making request, I can't make scripts since my gaming PC hasn't been built yet.

    Can one of you guys make a Gem Changer / Unlimited Spin or some sort.
    The game just got released so it pretty vulnerable.

    Thank you!

    Game :

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