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10-08-2019, 01:32 PM

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  • 08:32 AM  08-31-2019

    36x NordVPN Accounts


    Please Vouch for me in comments if they work for you.

    password to view text: vouchliberty

    Virus total of my URL:

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  • 09:25 AM  08-29-2019

    [FOR BEGINNERS] Account Cracking Guide P...

    Account Cracking Guide: Introduction
    Part 1: Proxies
    Somethings that every person cracking account must know and understand are proxies. Oh! you don't know? Well let me explain
    This is the virus total check for the proxy scraper at bottom of guide.

    I will be going into some details of the 3 different types of proxies and what they do and what they're essentially used when talking about account cracking. To start there is the three different types HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5. In general terms the point of proxies is to allow you to view websites and the proxy will filter out requests so that you can gain access to information and even download things from different sites and gather resources without any of your information being exposed in a return request from the site. The entirety of the internet is nothing but a base for a infinite number of protocols, that allow for different things such as data transportation and data requests. So when you go to download something the site usually sends a return request to you in order to send you that download but proxies allow little to no information to pass back to the site once you've retrieved what you're looking for. Now when we talk about cracking we use thousands of proxies and more then likely it will be HTTP, unless you use HQ Private Proxy lists which I will get into on a later part on my account cracking guide. Anyways the reason you use so many proxies when account cracking is due to the large amount of accounts that you're trying to gain access to at a time. The only way to secure yourself when doing so, especially when using a checker is to use a large number of proxies.

    So you're probably wondering whats the difference between HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCK5?
    Well for starters these are all examples of protocols... and to be honest there really is no difference. Except HTTP is usually faster and while HTTP would secure you when browsing, SOCKS are able to secure your information(Your IP) on most programs including ICQ or EMAIL clients.

    I will go further into SOCKS later down the road but for now lets focus on HTTP as thats what I will be using first to explain the next few parts of my guide.

    What would I most likely need HTTPs for and where do I get them?

    You will use proxies for everything for almost every program that allows for account checking.
    As for how you'd get them is you'd use a Proxy Scraper. Now if you're new to this then I'd recommend using Assault V1. Also don't forget to click the txt file called "READ ME"
    You will also need winrar. Just select your language and install.[/hide]

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  • 05:52 PM  08-28-2019

    Who am I?

    Hello, everyone. My name is Liberty or John. I am a account cracker, and I currently and creating a cracking guide on the OTHER CRACKING section of the forums. Click that link if you want to check it out.

    I also will be dumping Proxies, and Account lists and maybe even HQ email:pass combos for whatever you guys are looking for. Just dm me.

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  • 05:47 PM  08-28-2019

    RE: Who is SuperLoot?

    I vouch my boi right here. His Apocalypse 2 Scripts are beast and unlike any other. He is truly dedicated to his work.

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  • 05:37 PM  08-28-2019

    RE: 16x NordVPN Accounts

    (08-28-2019, 05:16 PM)Zer0xl Posted vouch
    Enjoy the account

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  • 05:36 PM  08-28-2019

    [FOR BEGINNERS] Account Cracking Guide P...

    Account Cracking Guide: Introduction


    Part 1: Protect yourself
    If you want to start cracking you will first need to protect yourself using a VPN. You might be asking yourself what is a VPN? and how will it help me? Good Question!!!

    To start let me explain what a vpn is, well a A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs can be used to access region-restricted 

    VPNs essentially forward all your network traffic to the network, which is where the benefits – like accessing local network resources remotely and bypassing Internet censorship – all come from. Most operating systems have integrated VPN support. 

    So how does this benefit you? well it allows you to
    • Bypass geographic restrictions 
    • Gain at least some anonymity online by hiding your true location.
    • Protect yourself from being logged while account cracking and checking.

    How Do You Get a VPN, and Which One Should You Choose?

    • The easiest thing to do is simply head to one of these sites, sign up, and download the VPN client for your Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad. It’s as easy as that.
      • NordVPN – This VPN server has the best combination of ease-of-use, really fast servers, and has almost instant boot up for quick use, all for a cheap price.

      • ExpressVPN – This VPN is really easy to use, its great if you do not do too much cracking for hours at a time, and has a (limited) free trial. not good for more then 5 hours of cracking at a time due to CPU usage.

      • StrongVPN – not quite as easy to use as the others, but you can definitely use them for cracking, as long as you dont mind the odd interface.
      All of them have free trials, so you can easily get your money back if you change your mind.Also if you're one of the first to view this I'm giving out 16x free copies of NordVPN accounts[/hide]

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  • 05:15 PM  08-28-2019

    16x NordVPN Accounts

    [hide]Please Vouch for me in comments if they work for you.

    password to view text: vouchliberty

    Virus total of my URL:[/hide]


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