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10-17-2019, 11:47 PM

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8 Hours, 51 Minutes, 38 Seconds

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UID: 2020
  • 08:48 AM  09-02-2019
  • 10:50 AM  08-30-2019

    Form submission: Support Application

    Are you currently or have you moderated other sites? If yes, what sites?: Yes, I am moderator in Sir Meme's Discord server and some other servers.

    What is your age?: 15 Years Old

    Why do you want to be Support and what makes you qualified?: I wan't to be a support member because I like to help people in need and to make sure all rules are being followed.

    I have helped many people on Discord, Vermilion, and other forms, I have also created scripts for Roblox and assisted many people who have requested help.

    Have you ever had a scam accusation made against you? Explain.: No, I have never had a scam accusation made against me.

    What do you do if a user is caught LQ Posting for the first time?: Warn them

    Where can you find the Help Documents?:

    What do you do if a user is using defensive language?: Warn them

    - Support Applications -

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