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Online  Reading Thread RELEASE Arsenal Aimbot
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  • 11:04 PM  Yesterday     0 posts

    Arsenal Aimbot

    Hello Skiddies!

    Due to the fact that shit all is being released for arsenal I present to you my garbage aimbot script I made in under 30 minutes

    It is a bit broken, when it turns off it looks down and it sometimes goes on your teammates head, but I will be fixing it very soon. (aka when i'm bored and have nothing else too do.


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  • 05:54 PM  11-10-2019     47 posts

    RE: Magnet Simulator GUI by Guppy!

    * Ownership Transfer [Guppy#4500 now owns it]
    * Autorebirth now rebirths 125k
    * Autofarm is x10 faster

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  • 01:15 PM  10-12-2019     47 posts

    RE: Magnet Simulator GUI by Apple!

    Bump! Added some stuff

    Changelog: V1.1
    Added an AutoRebirth for 75k

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  • 04:56 PM  10-11-2019     47 posts

    Magnet Simulator GUI by Guppy!

    Hey Skiddies, Apple here!
    So Basically, I've been seeing these Magnet Simulator GUIs and decided to make one myself
    This is probably one of the fastest autofarms out right now (Not as efficient if you don't have a backpack that can hold more than 100b)
    Please leave me suggestions on what I should add next on this gui and I will try my best to make it happen.

    [Image: 7c3e2a5aadc8176f15aaba8c28ed7091.png]

    loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

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  • 03:38 PM  10-11-2019     59 posts

    RE: Saber Simulator GUI (AutoFarm, TP 2 ...

    (10-06-2019, 10:22 PM)youtuber41236 Posted HERE IS THE SCRIPT loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))() FOUND IT IN SYNAPSE GROUP 1 WEEK AGO

    Theres hiding for a reason. SO leeches don't get to it.

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