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  • 02:38 PM  12-01-2019     250 posts

    RE: Astral:Hearts | AutoFarm

    (09-22-2019, 05:37 AM)Purity Posted Requested by someone in my Discord server
    Really simple stuff, it just kills every enemy that has loaded in for you
    Walk around the map for more enemies to load

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    Game Link

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  • 04:06 PM  11-30-2019     790 posts

    RE: SwordBurst 2 Underground AutoFarm GU...

    (09-04-2019, 07:07 AM)ZombieRushFan Posted
    *October 5, 2019 - I have uploaded the Xen version of the script which should have less crashes, script is the same as the old loadstring.

    Good day!
    I present to you an AutoFarm GUI for SwordBurst 2

    Features :
    • Toggleable farm
    • Underground
    • Boss and Mini-Boss only option
    • Anti-Afk
    Boss and Mini-Boss only option also has a neat little thing where it loads the area of the boss or mini-boss in case there is no one in the server.

    To fully AFK farm, just do the click and hold, escape, release glitch thing (dunno if this is clearly seen in the video but instead of using escape, I hovered my mouse to the top bar then releasing it).

    It won't farm these mobs due to them breaking when enlarging their hitbox
    • Patrolman Elite
    • Wattlechin Crocodile
    • Girdled lizard
    • Giant Centipede
    You may inform me if there are more mobs that are broken (you can determine by you hitting it constantly but it is not taking any damage.)

    Tested on Synapse X.
    Should work on most exploits that can execute Xen.

    Old Showcase Video:

    Script :
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    Thank you for reading Happywide

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